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Used Pallet Rack

Uprights and Step Beams

Used pallet rack on the truck

New Delivery! Large lot of used step beams.

If you’re looking for used pallet rack, you’re in the right place. Teardrop pallet rack is popular and easy to assemble. Terminal Steel offers a large variety of sizes and capacities of uprights and step beams. The beams easily lock securely into place holding large loads of pallets. Step beams hook into the teardrop holes in the uprights without additional pieces, making for easy assembly.


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Used Pallet Racking | Current Inventory List

Used Uprights – 3″ x 1 5/8″

Currently out of stock (10-26-2022)

Other sizes/styles of pallet rack, used uprights maybe available. Please call 1-313-893-8268 for additional details.

Uprights – 3″ x 3″

Size Price
42″ x 16′ $180.00 ea

Used Step Beams

Size Price
48″ x 5,000# $20.00 ea
87″ x 5,000# $28.00 ea
96″ x 3,000# $30.00 ea
96″ x 5,400# $40.00 ea
96″ x 9,000# $50.00 ea
99″ x 4,000# $40.00 ea
108″ x 4,300# $45.00 ea
120″ x 1,700# $30.00 ea
90″ x 4,000# $15.00 ea
96″ x 5,000# $18.00 ea

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